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What we do

Dubbing & Audio Post-Production Studio

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Italian Award  Winning ADR & Audio Post-Production Studio Based in Rome and Milan.

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Expand your Sound

Innovation. Quality. Efficency. Passion. Our skilled artistic, technical and managing team can only guarantee high quality products. With our accurate choice of voice talents, precise lip-synching and script adaptations, you will see your product under a new light.

The Best Choice for your ADR and Dubbing Studio in Italy. SAG/AFTRA studio approved.

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ADR Recording

All of our ADR stages feature Session Link, Source-Connect Pro, and others to connect remotely to anywhere.


We can deliver the best text-to-speech solutions for personal users, developers and businesses.


We guarantee quality and accuracy in all of our captioning and subtitling projects.

Source Connect PRO

Connecting worldwide. Remote record, approve and monitor in real time. Also Source Live and…

Voice Over

We create customized solutions tailored to your projects & needs, and always guarantee the quality.


Casting, studio recording, music quality control and final mix. Delivering you a high-quality final product.


High-Quality dubbing solutions for your broadcast & theatrical content.

Audio Description

AD makes you products more accessible to blind and visually impaired people.

Voice Database

We will guide you through the process of choosing the voice talent which fits your project best.

The Studio

Let’s build great things together

With four recording booths, one mixing room, two protools desks, and even a relaxing area and a private parking; Kea Sound was built to accomodate all of our clients’ needs. We offer complete facilities to produce professional voice recordings, subtitling, voice-over and audio translations of your project in over 50 languages!


Studio Area


Dubbing Room


Mixing Room


Protools desk


Relaxing Area


Private Parking
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Company Profile

Passion & proficiency that suit your needs

Kea Sound  was born in 2006, and we’ve already grown to be one of the most renowned indipendent studio of the country! Get to know the people behind Kea Sound.


High-Quality solutions always fitting your budget.

Working With Passion

Passion is the key for a succesful produt and our young team has passion to spare!

Problem Solving Skilled Team

Our team is resourceful, passionate, and will solve any problem you might have in no time.

Timely Delivery

As we always say: any project, any time, perfectly in time.


Award winning partner for dubbing & audio post-production

You want to localise your project? Choose our award-winnig team.


Italian Award Dubbing & Audio Post-Production Studio

Kea Sound

Via Caltagirone, 16 00182 Rome Italy
phone +39 06 7022609

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