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His Eminence’s trust is never misplaced

By Academy Award winning director Paolo Sorrentino, a Tv Show we fell in love with working on its Adr and Italian dubbing. 

the young pope dubbing

Simply done with passion

We want to thank our team, everyone who collaborated and participated directly and indirectly in this ambitious and successful project. We look forward to the next season…

kea sound parrot
kea sound parrot 2

Since 2005

Always a step ahead…

trailer kea dubbing

For His Eminence, only the best

Provided services:

Adr Recording
Dubbing Italian version

Dubbing Italian Version

Scipt Adaptation
Script Translation

Increase your dubbing
quality with Kea Sound

From Paolo Sorrentino’s Accademy Award winning Tv Show to Japanese Anime…

naruto italian dubbing

What we do

Our main focus

Innovation. Quality. Efficency. Passion. Our skilled artistic, technical and managing team can only guarantee products of the highest quality. With our accurate choice of voice talents, precise lip-synching and script adaptations, you will see your product under a new light.

Quality First

There is no middle ground. We won’t have it any other way.

main focus kea

Any time, always in time

High quality isn’t the only thing that matters to us…

Affordable price

Our prices are always suited for your need and budget

Italian Award Dubbing & Audio Post-Production Studio

Kea Sound

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phone +39 06 7022609

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