Covid 19

Working under Covid 19 guidelines

We continue to maintain a high focus on the safety of our employees and guests.

For this reason Kea Sound is taking the following preventive measures:

For security purposes, any and all attendees for the show must be confirmed by the booking client in advance, and anyone that arrives to a session unannounced may be turned away from attending the session.

Temperature checks will be performed upon your initial arrival.

We ask that masks be worn at all times while inside the building, but may be removed upon entry into the ADR stage. The front desk will provide one upon request. 

There will be no coffee or beverage service at this time. Water coolers with paper/ plastic cups and bottled water are available. The water coolers are thoroughly cleaned throughout the day.

For our safety and that of our guests, all Kea Sound staff undergo weekly covid swabs.

The ADR stage will be fully disinfected before the start of each session. Special focus will be given to the actor podium, side table, headphones and the headphone amp, writing utensils, door handles and light switches. Headphones, lavaliers and writing utensils will be placed in a UV-C light bag before being wiped down and distributed. Hand sanitizer will be readily available, both in bottled form as well as in hand sanitizer stations placed throughout the facility.

Disinfectant wipes will also be available on the ADR stage should talent wish to utilize them. We have installed two timed UV-C lights on the ADR stage to be run prior to each ADR session in 15 or 30 minute cycles.

In addition, we have implemented an ‘iAdaptAir L’ purifier from Air Oasis featuring HEPA filtration and UV, which is run on the stage before, in-between and after ADR sessions.

Talent and session attendees will have the opportunity to enter to the recording room via their own separate entrance from the mixer, that being the pair of double doors on the left side of the stage. Reception or security will direct talent and attendees down the hall where their mixer will be waiting outside of the control room, at a distance of no less than 6 feet, and the stage doors will be sealed behind them before recording.

Any needed paperwork (cue sheets and actor time sheet) will be waiting on a sanitized tablet.

Going forward, our schedule will include a mandated 30 minutes of separation between sessions to ensure the stage can be thoroughly cleaned between actors. On a day with multiple scheduled sessions, in addition to sanitizing protocols, both the headphones and lavalier will be replaced for each talent. We have disposable headphones available.


Here is a brief summary of our latest guidelines:

  • If you have a high temperature, persistent cough or other sign of illness please do not attend the studio session

  • Please consider making your way to the studio on foot, bicycle or taxi

  • Please wash your hands before and after the recording session. 

  • We ask everyone to please wear a protective mask. 

  • Please always observe social distancing

  • If the engineer has to enter the booth to adjust the microphone, we ask that both engineer and artist to wear a protective face mask

  • Please do not bring partners, friends or children with you to your session, they will not be able to enter


Who is present during sessions?

Just our engineer, unless you need one of our Project Manager to be present.

Is the facility open for business? If so, is it open to the public?

Only professionals involved in our projects can access to our facility.

Is only one voiceover performer in the booth at a time? If not, please explain.

Yes, we allow just one performer at the time time in the recording booth.

Are performer call times staggered so that performers are not arriving at the same time?

Yes, we always schedule the speakers so that we have time, 20 minutes between one and the other, to sanitize the recording booth and and purify the air.

Are there any health screenings or temperature checks upon arrival? If there are any questionnaires associated with these checks, please forward a copy.

Yes, we have a thermometer at the main entrance, so that we can check temperature of all our guests. The guest must fill out a short questionnaire.

What is the square footage of the facility, control room and recording booths?

The studio is about 400 square meters in size and enjoys a parking lot and private outdoor space. The size of the control rooms are 12 to 16 square meters The size of the recording boots range from 13,5 to 22 square meters.

Is wearing masks mandatory in your facility except when the performer is at the microphone or if staff are alone in their personal offices?

Wearing masks is mandatory in our facility, except when the actor is recording, alone in the recording booth.

Will the person need to enter shared spaces (public or private) to gain access to the space?

The person will go trough a waiting room where only one actor at the time can wait for the recording session.

Is there a waiting room where the performer can be physically distanced if the booth is not ready upon their arrival?

Yes, the performer will be alone in the waiting room, waiting for the session to start.

Will restroom facilities be shared or exclusive to your employees?

We have both, restrooms for our guests and exclusive restrooms for our employees.

Is a professional cleaning service cleaning the facility each day? How often are common facility touchpoints such as door handles, tables, restrooms, etc. cleaned?

Yes, we have a cleaning service which cleans our facility 3 times a day (6;00 am, 12:00 am. 4:00 pm)

This service follows our cleaning guidelines which include the cleaning of touchpoints.

What other equipment is in the booth and how often are they cleaned and with what? Ex: script stand, pop filter/windscreens, and stool/chairs.

Our booths are sanitized everyday, by the cleaning service and by our sound engineer between one performer and the other.

Please describe how equipment will be cleaned between performers.
While the air is being purified these are the cleaning steps that occur between performers:
1- Cleaning with damp clean cloth and 75 vol alcohol. :
– pop filters
– mics
– tablet
– headset
– handles, switches, tablet holder bracket, stool and any available surfaces.
2- Sanitization with Soundstation UVC-BOX:
– pop filters
– mics
– tablet
– headset
– tablet holder bracket
Are hand hygiene stations available throughout the studio and inside the booth?

Yes, we have hygiene stations located in every control room and recording booth. Also, we have 3 hygiene stations within the main entrance, the hallways and the waiting room.

Can all paperwork be sent digitally or scripts and/or music shown on a monitor? If not, how are paperwork and scripts being handled?

Due to our security protocol, every recording booth is provided with monitor (for the picture) and tablet (for the script).

Who will be adjusting the microphone at the start of the session and what is the procedure to ensure physical distancing?

Our sound engineer, will take care of this part. He will sanitize his hands before and after adjusting a sanitized microphones and make sure to keep the security distance needed.

At this time even the artist is will have to wear the mask.

Can the performer bring their own individual equipment including but not limited to headphones, pop filters, tablets, etc. upon approval by Producer?

Sure, if this makes the talent more comfortable.

We should know it in advance, in order to set up the recording booth the best we can.

What will the origin of the workers traveling to the space/location be, and what mode of transportation will they be using?

All the employees are citizens of Rome. Mostly, they travel by private cars, other by feet.

Are there HEPA filters in the studio with a MERV rating of at least 13 or higher? If not, are there portable HEPA filters to ensure 100% exchange of air ventilation or air filtration?

Yes, for all common areas we use Beyond by Aereus portable systems (; for all rooms we use Daikin MC55WB portable air purifiers. Both purification systems meet and exceed the requirements of 13 MERV rating.

Does the facility require proof of vaccination?
No at the moment. In compliance with Italian government guidelines and agreements with the Italian actors’ union from May 1, 2022 we are no longer allowed to ask our guests to provide proof of vaccination. All of our employees are vaccinated. What we ask our guests to sign instead is :
– whether they have had symptoms in the last 10 days;
– whether they have come in contact with infected people
– If they have been in areas or countries considered to be at risk
This data signed by our guest is kept for as long as strictly necessary along with the times of entry/exit and the room used.

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