ADR Studio Facility
The Most Awarded in Italy.

Connecting worldwide. Remote record, approve and monitor in real time. All of our ADR stages feature Source-Connect Pro, Session Link, ZOOM Pro, to connect remotely to anywhere. We will take you by the hand through the entire process.

Rome & Milan


Write to us indicating the type of work, the number of hours needed, and the day and time slot in which you would like your session.

Please email a confirmation in advance – with full details, booking duration, persons/voices attending and any specific deadlines/mic/editing/delivery requirements.

Cancelled confirmed sessions will normally be charged. We charge as “time booked” – even if not all used, plus any over-runs.We may be able to offer a pre-booked provisional 30 mins over-run – we reserve the right to grab this back.

If you have any special needs please let us know in advance. We will be happy to accommodate you.

We would recommend a test-connect prior to any remote session, to avoid any potential connection issues. Please speak to a member of the bookings team about scheduling a free-of-charge test-connect.


To cover an engineer and support staff, 09.00-19.00 we charge an extra 50€ p/hour. (e.g. for a 18.00-20.00 session we would charge an additional 50€ p/h from 19.00 to 20.00).

Weekends and holidays have an extra cost with a minimum booking of 2 hours.

Studio Rates:

  • Studio ADR – First hour

    (No extra charge for Source Connect Pro (RTS), Session Link, Zoom)

  • Studio ADR – Second and following hours
  • Ouf-Of-Hours Extra

    (Outside 09.00 am 7.00 pm)

  • Microphones:

    (Included: Neumann U87Ai & Sanken COS-11D or Dpa 40-61)*

  • Microphone rental

    (Price by request)

  • Saturday Opening Extra

    (+ Minimum 2-hours rental)

  • Sunday Opening Extra

    (+ Minimum 2-hours rental)

  • Holidays Opening Extra

    (+ Minimum 2-hours rental)

For Italian customers, add 22% IVA (VAT) to all prices above.

*If these mics don’t satisfy your needs, please share with us a spec sheet, so that we can align our selves. We can rent anything you need from our trusted rental service for a small extra fee.”


  • Pitcure

    Video Specification H.264 with visual timecode (1080p x 1920p preferred)

  • Guide Tracks

    (Dialog, Music, and FX)

    Three .wav mono guide tracks

    Split-track audio: Dialogue on left channel and music & SFX (M&E) on right channel
    Discrete audio stems (if available): Dialogue, SFX & Music
    Sample Rate: 48K / Resolution: 24 bit (44.1K/16bit also accepted)
    Supported formats: .WAV, .AIFF, .MP3, .MP4, .AAC

  • Cue Sheets

    ADR cue-sheets (pdf)

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